Scolari’s doppelganger everywhere

Amidst the excitements and tensions rising in the path to World Cup 2014, a curious happenings has been reported on the side of the green field, namely, coming from the sport journalism side. A TV presenter, Mario Sergio Conti has reported a rather interesting encounter with Luis Felipe Scolari on a flight to Sao Paulo as its destination.
Now, anyone who only looks at the surface of things will noted that Conti was struck by luck for having the chance to sit besides a famous Brazil national team manager. A prominent one in his field, even. Having reputation as a capable coach for the World Cup-winning Brazil national team, Conti was very eager to have a hear on the famous figure’s opinion, he can see the scoop right in front of his eyes. But hey, eyes may deceive.
It was Scolari – or so he thought. In actuality, it was Scolari’s look-a-like sitting next to Conti, Wladimir Palomo. Not only famous for being a comedian, Palomo also known for his striking resemblance with the popular Big Phil.
To make thing takes a turn more to hilarity, the Scolari’s look-a-like was traveling with Neymar look-a-like on the trip and successfully ensnared the unsuspecting Conti into the heated interview with supposedly Scolari on the plane. Checking facts for journalists is a very important guideline to comply, but checking whether they are interviewing the right person takes the first and foremost priority before they do any other things!
Hilarity ensues further as the enthusiastic reporter made a column based on what he has gathered during his conversation with Scolari, or to be precise, someone he thought as Scolari. After that, he published the column on the O Globo and agen sbobet.
Little did he know that the comedian was being serious when he handed him a card with “Wladimir Palomo – Scolari look-a-like” written on it. If only he suspected that, then he would not fall to the mistake. When confronted about this, Conti made his argument, “For me, we were just chatting and I gave him my personal opinion about the tournament and the national team, as anyone would. Everyone is a coach in Brazil during the World Cup.” Well, said, Conti.